• Fox Chapel Area High School offers a number of academic and mental and emotional health resources to ensure that its students are achieving to their maxium potentials.

    Among those resources are:

    QRT (Quality Resource Time)

    QRT is a valuable time for students to work with their teachers if extra support is needed, if they have been absent, or if they need to access the library. The student’s QRT teacher will remain the same for the entire four years, and can be a great source of daily support for students.

    Back on Track (BOT)

    Back on Track is an after-school program offered in the library, under teacher supervision, where students can work in a quiet environment to study, complete homework, finish projects, and make up exams. Computers and library resources are also available for students to utilize. Transportation home is also provided. BOT = Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Library from 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

    Math Help Center

    Students struggling with math concepts can receive daily help from Fox Chapel Area math teachers from 7-7:55 a.m. in room 251.

    Manuscript Writing Center

    This peer writing center has two student writing tutors available daily during QRT in room 176 to provide writing support to students.

    Student Support Team (SST)

    SST is made up of school and agency staff who are available to help you access school and community resources for your child. SST will help you find services and assistance within the school and if needed, in the community.

    • Instructional Support Services (IS)—Through the SST program, students may receive a variety of instructional support based on the team’s recommendation.

    • Mental Health and D/A Services—Based on the team’s recommendation and parent sign off, students may receive additional support services.


    A list of outside tutors is available on the district’s website: http://www.fcasd.edu/hs-resources/files-forms/category/26-tutoring.html. The School Counseling Office has a list of National Honor Society student tutors available as well.

    FCAO Drop-In Center

    FCAO students are encouraged to utilize teacher support offered all day Tuesday and Thursday in room 193.