Lunch Program Account Letter

  • Aug. 1, 2019

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    The following procedures for full paid, free or reduced-priced lunch and breakfast will be in effect for the 2019-2020 school year. The daily school lunch price is $2.85 at the secondary level or $2.55 at the elementary level. Breakfast may also be purchased for $1.35 daily at all levels. Students, who qualify, may also receive meals free or at a reduced price.

    The lunch and breakfast programs begin on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

    To receive free or reduced-priced meals for your child, you must thoroughly complete a Meal Benefit Application and return it to the school. This application must be completed every school year. One Meal Benefit Application may now be used for all eligible school children in the family. If you receive notification that you are on the direct certification list, you do not have to fill out an application. Parents/guardians can also fill out a free/reduced application online at If you apply for meal benefits online, you do not have to submit a paper application. We can not accept Medical Assistance or EBT Access card numbers in section 2 of the Meal Benefit Application. Only the 9-digit SNAP or TANF case number can be used. Reduced-price lunches are $0.40 per day, and reduced-priced breakfasts are $0.30 per day.

    Students may bring in cash or a check (made payable to the "FCASD Cafeteria Fund") to the cafeteria to pay for lunch or breakfast at any time and students may also pay daily in the lunch line. All students will pay via the point of sale (POS) system and will be given a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Whether prepaying or paying daily, PINs must be used at all buildings for all account transactions. Please have students bring payment in an envelope that includes the student’s name, room number, homeroom teacher, and any special instructions. Payments can also be made online once a parent signs up at Parents/guardians will need the student's ID number and the school zip code.

    Charged lunches

    Students that incur a negative balance are expected to bring their accounts up-to-date by the following school day. For further information, please see the district's food services policies under the Food Services portion of the website.

    For access to all menus, free and reduced forms, and general information on the food services department, please visit the Food Services portion of the website as well.

    Please contact Food Services Manager Julie Geary at (412) 967-2502, or via email at, with any questions regarding the school breakfast and lunch program. Please contact Sandy Stewart with any questions about the free and reduced program at (412) 967-4409, or email her at


    Julie Geary
    Food Services Manager