• During the 2016-2017 school year, a group of parents approached the Fox Chapel Area School District administration to examine the potential adjustment of student start times across the district.


  • 2016-2017

    • Group of parents approaches Fox Chapel Area School District administrators to examine potential adjustments of student start times across the district

    August 2017

    • Fox Chapel Area School District begins examination of district start times

    November 2017

    • District site-based meeting held to explore possible school start time changes and discuss site-based survey results

    April 2018

    • FCASD utilizes Transfinder to complete bell time study

    • District Forum panel discussion

    September 2018

    • FCASD provides additional information to community and initiates districtwide survey

    • Early findings and other information presented during School Board committee of the whole meeting

    February 2019

    • School start time site-based team holds first meeting on positive implications and potential challenges of altering school start times

    April 2019

    • School start time site-based team reconvenes and hears from health officials who support later start times

    • Feedback from committee indicates that participants need more concrete examples of potential modifications for all involved; Transfinder to conduct independent review

    August 2019

    • Transfinder begins independent review

    October 2019

    • Independent review from Transfinder expected

    • Third meeting of school start time site-based team planned

    January 2020

    • School start time site-based team holds third meeting and the topic is positive implications and potential challenges a school start time change would have on transportation

Additional Information

Site-Based Team

  • Community Members

    Mary Davitt
    Libby Ernharth
    Dave Fortun
    Ron Frank
    Sallie Kaan
    Tim Lang
    Donna Olbrich
    Elizabeth Rambeau
    Cory Siri
    Beth Snitz


    Kim Bartolacci (FV)
    Jill Chiu (FV)
    Kelly DiNatale (FV)
    Dawn DiPasquale (OH)
    Stacie Dojonovic (HS)
    Stacy Graham (KR)
    Jen Klein (HS)
    Renee Liberto (DMS)
    Rachael Link (OH)
    Warner Macklin (HW)
    Carrie Monteverde (HW)
    Windy Neff (KR)
    Beth Ruff (DMS)
    Shannon Smith (DMS)
    Rob Wilson (KR)

    Teachers/Support Staff

    Kyle Adams
    Jasmine Amato
    Brianna Amoscato
    Linda Angelo
    Heath Asbury
    Connie Banachoski
    Kelly Barone
    Nicole Bender
    Kim Brose
    Christine Buffone
    Lisa Collins
    Andrea Deasy
    Bryan Elder
    Sarah Everest
    Lisa Gibson
    Carli Hackett
    Corey Hess
    Susan Kreit
    Stephanie Kurlej
    Paul Lyons
    Rich Mathieu
    John McKechnie
    Julie Micelli
    Kristen Moller
    Shelley Novick
    Jessica Painter
    Stacey Reese
    Diana Sayre
    Barbara Scully
    Melissa Spirnock
    Sandy Stewart
    Jerry Susi
    Shelley Zottola


    Kristy Batis
    Stephen Edwards
    Rachel Fischbaugh
    Mike Hower
    Dan Lentz
    John McGee
    Laura Miller
    Jon Nauhaus
    Paul Noro


    3 FCAHS students

    *The school start times site-based team comprises the members of each school building's site team, as well as a number of community members.