• School Nurse Wordle

What Does a School Nurse Do?

    • Utilizes a distinct clinical knowledge base for decision-making in nursing, guided by state mandates  

    • Uses a systematic approach to problem-solving in nursing practice

    • Contributes to the education of the student with special health needs by assessing the student, planning and providing appropriate nursing care, and evaluating the identified outcomes of care

    • Uses effective written, verbal, and nonverbal communication skills

    • Establishes and maintains a comprehensive school health program

    • Collaborates with other school professionals, parents, and caregivers to meet the health, developmental, and educational needs of the students

    • Collaborates with members of the community in the delivery of health and social services, and utilizes knowledge of community health systems and resources to function as a school-community liaison

    • Assists students, families, and the school community to achieve optimal levels of wellness through appropriately designed and delivered health education

    • Contributes to nursing and school health through innovations in practice and participation in research or research-related activities

    • Identifies, delineates, and clarifies the nursing role, promotes quality of care, pursues continued professional enhancement, and demonstrates professional conduct

School Nurses